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TDC1000: Tank material

Part Number: TDC1000

Dear Bharat Aravamudhan

I'm sorry to insist but I really need your support to find a way to reduce the noise in the first 100 microseconds in Stainless Steel tank.

I ordered a transformer to replace the solution based on UCC27531 and send more energy to the piezo element, but I'm afraid of it will increase echo and noise proportionally.

Waiting for your contact.

Best regards,


  • Hello Artur,

    Here are some pointers to reduce the noise in the system.
    1. Reducing the drive voltage of the piezo.
    2. Having a resistor between the positive & negative terminal of the transducer.

    Also, A band-pass filter centered on the transducer’s response can be used between each stage of the receiver path to reduce the noise; note that the inputs of the LNA, PGA and comparators should be biased to the VCOM pin’s potential. It is recommended to place two filters in the RX path to minimize the receive path noise and obtain maximum timing accuracy.

    Also refer to the TRANSMIT Operation section & RECEIVE Operation section of the datasheet, which explains the TX Generator also provides options to introduce a 180⁰ pulse shift at pulse position n or damping the last TX pulse. In some situations, damping can reduce the ringing of the transducer for very short TOF measurements.


    Bharat Aravamudhan

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