AWR1642BOOST: AWR1642BOOST: radar cross section estimation from information of List of detected objects

Part Number: AWR1642BOOST


I try to use the default software of AWR1642BOOST and calculate RCS of detected objects with the equation in wiki: radar-cross-section.

I am not sure about several variables related to AWR1642 data sheet or software

1. Pt = transmitter's input power (watts)
FMCW Transceiver TX Power 12.5 dBm is shown in AWR1642 data sheet.
In other word, Pt is 0.0177827941 watts. right?

2. Gt = gain of the radar transmit antenna (dimensionless)
I cannot find this value in data sheet. What is the value?

3. r = distance from the radar to the target (meters)
This value is found from rangeIdx in List of detected objects and transform unit to meter

4. Aeff = effective area of the radar receiving antenna (meters squared)
I cannot find this value in data sheet. What is the value?

5. Pr = power received back from the target by the radar (watts)
Should this value be peakVal in List of detected objects?

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  • Please search the topic of "RCS computation" on this forum

    Thank you


  • In reply to Cesar:

    Hello Cesar,

    I had searched the answers on this forum for few days.

    Some answers to these questions are found.

    1. Pt = 12.5 dBm

    2. Gt = 9 dBi

    4. Aeff = (G_RX*λ^2)/4π, and G_RX = 9dBi, λ=3.8mm

    But  Pr (the power received back from the target by the radar) look like not peakVal in List of detected objects.

    The peakVal is just "relative" to the received power.

    I have to remove the FFT processing gain (over range-FFT, doppler-FFT, and angle-FFT), the rx-gain, and the DFE-gain from  peakVal .

    Here are the new questions. How do I get the rx-gain and the DFE-gain? Any documents or values about these gains?