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CCS/IWR1642BOOST: Problem building CAN driver test: program will not fit into available memory

Part Number: IWR1642BOOST

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

  •  mmWave SDK

  • IWR1642BOOST

  • Silicon revision ES1.0

  • Code Composer Studio Version: 


Following my last question ( https://e2e.ti.com/support/sensors/f/1023/t/734984 ) I am attempting to rebuild the CAN driver unit test to set the test selection but I have not yet changed the code am having problems trying to build the program. 

I have Imported the files from C:\ti\mmwave_sdk_01_02_00_05\packages\ti\drivers\can\test\xwr16xx as a project into css plus main.c from C:\ti\mmwave_sdk_01_02_00_05\packages\ti\drivers\can\test\common.  

Here is what the project looks like in the project explorer:


But when I try to build the project I get these errors:

I guess there is something I am missing about trying to import this into ccs or am maybe going about this in the wrong way entirely. 

Many thanks,


  • Hi Tim,

    The CAN driver test can be compiled using the makefile provided in the test directory (it does not come with a CCS project). Please follow the instructions provided in the mmWave SDK user guide to setup the build environment (using setenv.bat) and then run gmake in the can test (xwr14xx or xwr16xx) directory to build the unit test.

    Additionally, the following thread provides information on creating your own CCS projects:

    CCS/AWR1642: How to create a new CCS project

    Please mark this thread resolved if your question is answered otherwise get back if more support is needed.