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Change the number of chirps in the frame


I applied the srr example program, but I want to modify the number of chirp loops. I have modified the storage space of L3, but the program still has errors in DMA (fftout to radarcube). The wrong command is [C674X_0] {module#34}: line 202: error {id:0x10000, args:[0x8108ad, 0x8108ac]} xdc.runtime.Error.raise: terminating execution ,

the error is caused by what, how to modify to solve the error.
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  • Hi hittx,

    Please provide more information as to the processor you are using and the application.

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  • In reply to LeonardEllis:


    The SRR example is a highly optimized demo.

    Is it possible that there is not sufficient memory to process the additional chirps?

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    Hi Cesar and Leonard ,
    Thank you for your reply,I have two questions to ask you.
    1.I also thought of the problem of memory space.When I modified the number of chirps, I also changed the space allocated by memory. I increased the space of the radarcube(L3). If I follow the original 32 cycles of chirp, I can run it, but change the chirp loop to 64 times.After processing the distance dimension of the first chirp, an error occurs when running Modify destination address in Param set and DMA for sending 1DFFT output (for all antennas) to L3. The specific error location is
                 (uint8_t *)NULL,
                 (uint8_t *)(&obj->radarCube[radarCubeOffset]),
    Where (uint8_t)chId is 11。
    An error occurred when an“ if ((errorCode = EDMA_startDmaTransfer(handle, chId)) != EDMA_NO_ERROR)” error occurred inside the function.

    I am not sure if there is a problem with the dma. I found that the source address of the DMA is 0, but the source address of the correctly running program is also 0. I continue to find the problem.

    2.I see the p9 of TIDEP-0092, "In order to process the two different subframes, the SRR demo simply doubles the number of number of assigned eDMAs so that each subframe has its own subset of eDMAs to perform the necessary transfers.
    This method will not scale as the number of subframes increase, and it is recommended that if more than 3 subframes are to be programmed, then one should reprogram the eDMAs after a frame is processed (as is done in the OOB demo).", I want to know how to modify eDMAs。