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OPT8241-CDK-EVM: getting a snapshot that showing an R(t) curve for the image

Part Number: OPT8241-CDK-EVM

Hi team,

my customer owns a kit and he would like to know the following:

If possible, I'd like to be able to get a snapshot showing an R(t) curve for the image, that is, what is the reflectance [R] intensity as a function of time [t].

The application I wish to explore is diffusive and based on past studies should have that kind of behavior.

As an analogy, consider imaging a thick glass slab, there will be some reflectance from the front air/glass interface and a bit later there will be a reflectance from the rear glass/air interface. What I'm most interested in is knowing the temporal value of that reflectance.

I know this is not what the system is designed for but would like to know if it's possible.

can you please advise the above, thanks in advance.

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  • Hi team, there is an update?
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    Can you help us in understanding your application slightly better. Are you looking at a stationary object ? Is the target a lambertian surface ?

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    please find my customer comments inline:

    Can you help us in understanding your application slightly better? - We would like to use the camera for a bio-medical application, i.e. tissue imaging.

    We were able to get some very interesting results for the camera as is with slight augmentations but are interested in some specific not so standard measurement.

    Are you looking at a stationary object? - Yes, the distance to the target is fixed and as near as we can while avoiding saturation.

    Is the target a Lambertian surface? - No, we are imaging a tissue which is somewhat permeative in the 850nm range (i.e. partly transparent)

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    This can possibly be done. However TI's expertise does not lie in the corresponding field. You might have to refer to some academic material for your application.

    On a side note, the amplitude shown return by the camera is a measure of the returned signal. Reflectivity of the target is one of the parameters that affect this value.