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AWR1642: How to verify the waveform?

Part Number: AWR1642

I am trying to modify the settings in Sensor Configuration, like idle time, TX start time, etc. Are there any tools provided to show the resultant waveform in order to verify whether I get the wave I want. 

  • Hi,
    Current Visualizer is not intended to show the direct effect of these configurations, but if you want to confirm if these parameters are configured in the device then you can use 'rlGetProfileConfig' API in the application which will return the profileConfig parameters which were being set with rlSetProfileConfig API.
    And you may see some difference in the Stats data while changing these parameters.



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  • In reply to Jitendra Gupta:

    Hi, thank you for your reply

    If I still wants to test in real condition, do you know any device can help me exam the waveform AWR1642 sent? Like a Spectrum analyzer or something else


  • In reply to user5274216:

    If you want to observe the impact of timing parameters, like idle time , TX start time etc. then you can observe the TX output on a spectrum analyzer (either 80Ghz spectrum analyzer or you down convert the RF output to a lower frequency).
    You can put the spectrum analyzer in the 0 span mode and set the device to zero slope and tune the spectrum analyze to the transmit frequency. You will get a time domain plot of the RF transmit signal which indicates the idle time , ramp time etc.
    If you want to analyze the frequency vs time plot including te FMCW modulation then would might a more sophisticated equipment like FSW85 from R&S which can analyze the FMCW signal and plot F vs T .