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TDC1000-TDC7200EVM: Delopment guidance

Part Number: TDC1000-TDC7200EVM


So I am trying to test the TDC1000-TDC7200 EVM. I have the 1 MHz sensor that comes with it. 

EXP set up. 

I have a plastic and a glass container. I am just attaching the transducer using a cellotape for now. I see the following issues:

- Tank level stays at either 2.74 cm or when I reset the TDC1000 at 2.18cm

- The TOF flight reading generally do not correlate with water level. e.g. when I have no water tank on the sensor, it still gives a reading of about 37224 ns. 

- When I put a water tank with ~4 cm water, the reading is 37233 ns

Can you suggest what I am doing wrong?

thanks and regards