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TDC1011: I can not see any amplification at LNA output

Part Number: TDC1011


I am woriking with TDC1011 in a project where 1MHz ultrasonic transducers will be used to measure some media concentration.  

However, at this point of the project I replase the ultrasonic signal by a 1MHz sine wave from a GFG-3015 generator. The point is that we are using the TDC1011 only for signal amplification. I mean that we don´t use it to measure the time of flight. We are only interested in the LNA and PGA amplifiers. 

So looking to the datasheet, I write a 0x10 value in TOF_1 register focusing by the moment on the LNA (I don´t touch any other register). I see on the oscilloscope a 1MHz sine wave on RX pin, but however no signal is on LNOUT pin. What is going on?

Could someone tell me what am I missing?

Any help will be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.