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vital signs config for mmwave studio !

Hi all,

I am trying to apply the same vital signs configuration file into mmwave studio and get AWR1642 radar raw data as an output. I am a bit confused about the configuration that should take place in mmwave studio to record raw radar signals which allow me to g ofurther for a vital signs extraction from this raw data. 

my fisrtquestion is: should the signal be a complex signal or real signal ? because in the vitalsignslab config file, the adcCfg is: (2,1) which means that the signal should be complex one?  in mmwave studio log file, I have the equivalent config like this : AdcOutConfig (2,0,0), which means it is recording real signal!

my second question is about the ChannelConfig parameter: in vital signs lab, the ChannelCfg parameter is set to (15,3,0) which means using and 1 Tx and one Rx ? in mmwave studio,  from the log file, the channel conf parameters is: ChannelConfig,1,15,0.

and in the datacapturedemo.lua file, I am setting the channNadcConfig as follows: (1,0,0,1,1,1,1,2,0,0) which means using one tx, 4rx, single chirp, 16 bits,  and the (2,0,0) means that the signal to record is real!

I am confused between what the vitalsigns lab conf says, and when trying to apply it on mmwave studio, it seems to be not similar...

thanks in advance,