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AWR1243: SWRA561A is for AWR1243?

Part Number: AWR1243


1)I downloaded SWRA561A  AWR1243 Bootloader Flow  but found the paper seems to be about  AWR1443

 there is no cortex R4F in AWR 1243

and the DEV mode 011 (SOP mode 2) = Dev mode has not been mentioned at all

is there an accurate papers about AWR1243 Bootloader Flow ?

2) I  have test VIN_13RF1/2 voltage is 1.3V and internal LDO (VOUT_PA  VOUT_14APLL1) has no voltage output, isthat mean the RF part doesn't work  at all ? BSS firmware has loaded

how can I get RF started?

thank you very much

best regards