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IWR1642BOOST: Error using bin file

Part Number: IWR1642BOOST


when I try to load the .bin file through the CCS I am getting this error once the mss.bin file is loaded into mmwave IC.

maave sdk, recent IWR toolbx i am using and CCS 8.1. IWR1642 VER B

[Cortex_R4_0] xdc.runtime.Main: "platform/mmwave_xwr16xx.c", line 1342: assertion failure
Exception occurred in ThreadType_Main.
Main handle: 0x0.
Main stack base: 0x800d1a0.
Main stack size: 0x1000.
R0 = 0x00000000 R8 = 0x00000000
R1 = 0x0800bcf8 R9 = 0xfffffffe
R2 = 0x080001fd R10 = 0x08005424
R3 = 0x0000000a R11 = 0x0000053e
R4 = 0x00000000 R12 = 0x0000f683
R5 = 0x0800bfdc SP(R13) = 0x08005370
R6 = 0x0000004c LR(R14) = 0x000128af
R7 = 0x00000000 PC(R15) = 0x000112bc
PSR = 0x400c019f
DFSR = 0x00000000 IFSR = 0x00000000
DFAR = 0x00000000 IFAR = 0x00000000
ti.sysbios.family.arm.exc.Exception: line 209: E_undefinedInstruction: pc = 0x000112bc, lr = 0x000128af.
xdc.runtime.Error.raise: terminating execution

every time, though I power off the mmwave still this occurs. Some times this works properly.

Kindly help me to get rid of this issue.

  • Hello Karthik,

    The bin file is flashed using Uniflash. It is not loaded with CCS. Please follow the instructions in the lab setup guide.

  • In reply to JohnH:

    Hi, I am loading and folllowing setugp gide. I am trying to load .xe4f for debug session using CCS since I am displaying some measued valued on console i Wwill see it on console if I run through CCS.
  • In reply to karthik s60:

    Hi Karthik,

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