CCS/AWR1642BOOST: Device is held in reset ERROR

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Part Number: AWR1642BOOST

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I am working on AWR1642Boost EVM for application development.

I am getting this error while connecting DSS XDS110 USB Debug Probe. I have followed all the steps required to debug the program as follows:

1.Flashed the 16xx ccsdebug bin (using the UNIFLASH when SOP0 and SOP2 are connected)

2.After successful flashing-> removed the SOP2 and power cycled the device.

3.ccs-> compilation on dss and mss projects ->passed well.

4.Crearting new target configuration file, the TEST CONNECTION passed well.

5.after grouping ->the message appears when trying to "CONNECT TARGET"

Error massage is:

Error connecting to the target:
(Error -1180 @ 0x0)
Device is held in reset. Take the device out of reset, and retry the operation.
(Emulation package 8.0.803.0)


Texas Instruments XDS110 USB Debug Probe_0/Cortex_R4_0 (Disconnected : Unknown) - is getting connected


Texas Instruments XDS110 USB Debug Probe_0/C674X_0 (Disconnected : Unknown) - is not getting connected, it popup an error “device on reset”.

And also in flash mode binary file flashed successfully on device(using UNIFLASH).        

I had also searched on e2e forum ….and one of the solution is to make sure that  power supply is 5V, >2.5A.

In this case, yes I'm using adapter whose output capacity is 5VDC 3000mA. And I had also checked current by removing zero ohm resister on EVM board which is connected across 5v and 5v_unreg,

and current is 236 mAmp.

I have checked all the possibilities but fail to find the error, Please consider this as very urgent and help me to resolve this issue as early as possible.

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  • Hi,
    After you connect to MSS core, are you able to load MSS image to it?
    And what is the value of 0xFFFFE1EC address? You need to look this address from MSS core connection and it should be 0x000F0028 value if ccsdebug.bin is flashed propery and BSS firmware matched.

  • In reply to Jitendra Gupta:

    Hello Sir,

    Yes, I have tried to load MSS image but it popup an error -

    Cortex_R4_0: Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x0 on Page 0 of Length 0x34: (Error -1065 @ 0x0) Unable to access device memory. Verify that the memory address is in valid memory. If error persists, confirm configuration, power-cycle board, and/or try more reliable JTAG settings (e.g. lower TCLK). (Emulation package
    Cortex_R4_0: File Loader: Verification failed: Target failed to write 0x00000000
    Cortex_R4_0: GEL: File: C:\Users\sc_20717\Desktop\ePWM\New folder\New folder\AWR16xx_mss_nonOS\Debug\xwr16xx_mmw_mss_nonOS.xer4f: Load failed.

    any solution from your side will appreciate. 


    Sonal Chavhan. 

  • In reply to Sonal Chavhan36:


    Let me know is there any solution to fix this error...

    Thanks in advance!


    Sonal Chavhan.