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IWR1443BOOST: mmWave Studio: sleep time in Lua Script

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Part Number: IWR1443BOOST

Hey all,

I'm using mmWave studio and am trying to build a real-time tracking system with IWR1443BOOST and DCA1000.

Right now, I'm controlling the mmWave studio through MATLAB with the code provided in mmWave Studio User Guide. I did the data recording by running the dataCapture_demo.lua through MATLAB. I noticed that there is a lot of sleeping time in the Lua script provided which really slows down the data acquisition process.

My question is: are those sleep time necessary? If I remove the sleeping time, will Lua wait for the function calls to return before continuing on?

Also, I understand that DCA1000 is meant for RF evaluation. So if I wish to build an application such as tracking the motion of an arm, what approach would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance!