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Hi sir,

For connecting the board with following the process which is given in link(http://dev.ti.com/tirex/content/mmwave_industrial_toolbox_3_3_1/labs/lab0013_traffic_monitoring_16xx/docs/traffic_monitoring_16xx_user_guide.html). I found the following issue but

Issue 1: When I tried to dump firmware with uniflash .couldnot find the file (precompiled_binaries\iwr16xx_traffic_monitoring_lab.bin) within the folder this folder(lab0013-traffic-monitoring-16xx). 

Issue 2: When I tried to connect with tm_demo.exe GUI which is located in my computr in folder(C:\ti\mmwave_industrial_toolbox_3_6_1\labs\lab0013_traffic_monitoring_16xx\gui) board is connected but after load two file (mmw_tm_demo_ph2.cfg,  mmw_tm_demo_ph2.cfg) we start run then GUI given error in tm demo(line 333) .which png file i attched with this mail.Please resolve my issue as soon as possible