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AWR1642BOOST-ODS: ROS pointcloud visualizer with AWR1642BOOST-ODS

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I am working on the implementation of ROS point cloud visualizer with AWR1642BOOST-ODS mmWave Radar.

As ROS does not directly support to AWR1642BOOST-ODS, I am trying to customize code for ROS point cloud visualizer with AWR1642BOOST-ODS using the following link.


But I am not getting exactly how can I change header format in ROS package ti_mmwave_rospkg according to data format supported by AWR1642BOOST-ODS.

I am following below link to learn about data/header format of AWR1642BOOST-ODS


How do I need to customize my code which supported by AWR1642BOOST-ODS?

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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately our team does not have experience with ROS interface since none of our demos support ROS.

    I will let the forum community provide support for this request

    thank you


  • In reply to Cesar:

    Hi Cesar,

    I successfully implemented ROS point cloud visualizer demo using the following ti_mmWave_rospkg package.


    Using this library I implemented ROS point cloud visualizer on AWR1642BOOST-ODS radar.

    Thank you for your support.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Harish More:


    This is good news!

    Would it be possible to share your changes so the rest of the mmwave forum community can benefit from it?

    thank you


  • In reply to Cesar:

    Hii Cesar,

    Here is how it works for me,

    1)Cloned ti_mmwave_rospkg (https://github.com/ibcn-cloudlet/ti_mmwave_rospkg.git ) into catkin_ws/src folder.

    2)Installed mmWave SDK version in windows and flashed xwr16xx_mmwave_demo.bin file on AWR1642BOOST-ODS device using uniflash.

    3)Saved configuration of chirp using https://dev.ti.com/gallery/view/mmwavebeta/mmWave_Demo_Visualizer_Record/ver/2.0.0/ mmWaveDemoVisualizer. 

    4)Replaced the config i.e.cfg file under the folder catkin_ws/src/ti_mmwave_rospkg/cfg with 1642es2_long_range.cfg

    5)Then, just launch 1642es2_long_range.launch file using roslaunch ti_mmwave_rospkg 1642es2_long_range.launch.

    6)It works for AWR1642BOOST-ODS devices too.

    Thanks & Regards,