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CCS/PGA970: I required Setup_PGA970_EVM.exe

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Part Number: PGA970

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I have buy PGA970 controller for programing  i required Setup_PGA970_EVM.exe  read from PGA970 GUI installation  for running the PGA970EVM Controller. please share link for downloading the setup exe file.

also i want to know which CCS vrsion is applicable to run the firmware without any issue..

  • In reply to Scott Cummins:

    Hi Scott,

    Yes I am able to generate the waveform for primary and secondary side for LVDT signal conditioner.

    The scope capture of the waveform output that you I am seeing is V1 is primary side exitation waveform and V2 is secondary side outputwaveform.

      2) Also I done below setting in PGA970 GUI software.

    3) Hardware connection are given below here I have used internal OPAMP in existing Board.

    Now I am facing following  issue,


    1)      The waveform which i am getting is not constant i,e. its amplitude is constant but the sinewave width is varying with respect to time. Varying of sinewave width is very fast.

    Due to which my frequency and time period is not constant. How should I can make it stable?. Because my existing products have stable frequency and amplitude.

    2)      I want to shift the LVDT Secondary waveform to zero reference Because I am getting DC shift of 4V DC I want to minimized it to zero voltage so how we waveform on zero reference for primary as well as secondary waveform.

    3)      How to configure LVDT signal conditioner output to DAC so that I will get the output from Vout (TP3) as I vary the probe the output voltage will also vary.

    Kindly send the solution of above issue so that I am able to generate LVDT signal conditioner with the help of PGA970 evaluation board.

    4)   The frequency which I am getting is nearly 3.2KHz. but I have applied 8KHz. How can I get the frequency which I have applied in PGA970 GUI software.

    Also I want to know how should I can communicated directly with you to get fast output.

    Thanks and regards,



  • In reply to Vai:

    Dear Scott,


    Kindly reply with solution of above issues.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks and regards,


  • In reply to Vai:

    Hi Vai,

    I am currently looking into the sine wave generation issue that you are facing. Can you please send me your complete register map settings to help me in this debug?

    If the secondary waveform is shifted out of the input range of the gain stage, you can use the internal VCM settings to configure the common mode voltage at the secondary inputs. 

    Unless there is firmware programmed into the PGA970, the DAC output will not vary with respect to the LVDT inputs. You will need to program some firmware that uses the DEMOD data to generate specific output DAC voltages. The DAC output settings in the PGA970 GUI can be used to verify the correct operation of the DAC before this, however.



    Scott Cummins

    Precision ADC Applications

  • In reply to Scott Cummins:

    Dear Scott,

    I have done, only the ADC setting  as per shown above PGA970 GUI image.

    I have analysis the hardware and notice that the generation of sine wave from the controller pin is not happening.

    so at last i have change the controller and the generation of sine wave issue has been solve, 

    also the stability of sine wave is there in CRO and frequency generation ratio is 1:1  i,e. i have applied the 5 KHz and i am getting 5 KHz  at the CRO.