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IWR6843: RS232 connectivity issue

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Part Number: IWR6843


I have a trouble to activate our IWR6843 test module which is composed of IWR6843 boost B'd and RF module.

Basically, the circuit was reviewed and confirmed by TI. The only different point compared with TI's reference circuit is warmRst pull-up resistor is not connected in our module. [ SOP0, 1 are closed, SOP2 is open for a DCA B'd connection]

Is this root cause? The issue is a RS232 connectivity in mmwaveStudio.

And there is no oscillation of a 40MHz crystal on module board.

Each of 1v4_synth and vout_PA is 1.37V and 1.0V. And the 1v4_APLL and VBGAP output are 0V.

This case is very similar with "IWR1642: no crystal oscillation" that I have seen on E2E forum.

However, I couldn't notice the solution to resolve this issue.

Please let me know how to resolve it.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    • Also will it be possible to share a picture of your setup?
    • Can you connect to the UART COM port using Teraterm or similar emulation software?
    • Is there any firmware running on the device? Can you confirm you have erased the flash before trying to run with DCA?


    Charles O


  • In reply to Charles Oladimeji:


    I can't upload the setup image because of security issues.

    Basically, the connection is same as DCA B'd connection. In my case, the RF and Booster B'd are combined by single module. So, only DCA connection is needed for data acqusition.

    It contains only one 60-pin connecter for DCA connection. [RF+XDS110 Chipset] <--60pin--> [DCA]

    I have tried to connect UART COM port using Teraterm. But there is no response.

    Is there any other things what I have to check?

    Please let me know that.


  • In reply to Jeonghoon Cho:


    1.  Were you able to debug the board via JTAG?
    2.  When you change the board to flashing mode, were you able to program it?
    3. lastly after programming it and changing the SOP back to functional mode, do you get any output on the UART terminal?


    Charles O