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PGA460: PGA460 bi static mode deadzone issue

Part Number: PGA460


I am developing transformer driven solution of PGA460 in bi static mode.

Even in bi static mode i am getting dead zone that should be 0cm because of no ringing effect.Please point me out to the solution of problem.


  • Hi Farzan,

    In a bi-static solution, it is possible for the transmit energy to couple onto the receiver through air. The amount of energy that couples onto the receiver during burst will always be less in amplitude compared to the energy of a mono-static solution, but you should still consider initially setting the receiver to a low time-varying gain (32.5~58dB) and low digital gain multiplier (x1~2) to prevent receiver saturation during burst.

    Another variable to consider is how you are mechanically mounting, spacing, and orienting the transmitter and receiver from each other. If the two are closely mounted, have very close overlapping fields-of-view, or are mounted using a dense material, the transmit energy can also couple onto the receiver through the enclosure.
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