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IWR1443BOOST: IWR1443 is not detected by the computer.

Part Number: IWR1443BOOST

Hi there:

Can anyone help me get started with IWR1443Boost sensor?

I just got this sensor and the DevPack. I tried to use the web-based visualization demo.

I have followed the instruction as provided 

1) Ti Clond Agent extension for chrome

2) Install Ti Clond Agent

3) 5v power cable (tested already)

4) chrome updated 

After all this, still no TI usb is detected in the serial port configuration tap. What's wrong here?

Another question is that what's the difference between DevPack and the DCA1000EVM? Our goal is to capture raw data continuously and develop post signal processing algorithm for application of our interest. 

If possible, we would like to develop our own real-time demo.


  • Hi,
    Please re-install XDS110 emulation driver from this link to resolve USB connection issue

    To you question about DevPack and DCA1000EVM-
    As IWR1443BOOST EVM contains only XDS110 which supports JTAG and UART connection to the device. In case you need to evaluate the device with mmWave-Studio then you need to have SPI connection to the device which is provided by DevPack board.

    And further for raw data capture from the device over LVDS you need to stack up IWR1443BOOST with DCA1000 where LVDS data is transferred from device to PC over LAN interface. Please follow User guide document available in mmWaveStudio installation.