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FDC2114EVM: Question about LC capacitive sensing

Part Number: FDC2114EVM

I am using the FDC2114 chip for a university senior project, and I want to make sure that I understand the technical side of what the sensor is actually doing, because this is not clear from the datasheet.

As I understand it, the capacitor is fully charged (in the attached diagram it would be done by closing S1 and reopening after charging), then the charged capacitor is connected in series to an inductor (in this diagram, closing S2, though there are other ways to achieve this), and then an ADC measures the frequency across the inductor as Vout oscillates between +V and -V. This should be the resonant frequency, from which it backs out the capacitance from sqrt(LC).

Is this the general idea behind what the FDC2114 does, even if there is some extra circuitry to clean up the signal?