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IWR1443: "Ghost" radar points

Part Number: IWR1443

I have the D3 Engineering IWR1443 kit and I've loaded the ROS viz example and started some code surrounding it.

I can't seem to pinpoint it but sometimes there is often at least one point that wavers between .122066 and .122923 Meters away from the sensor.  Every time it happens those are the two numbers.  Sometimes these points don't go away for hours, sometimes changing orientation helps it and other-times not.  I'm yet to discern a pattern from it.  I also have an issue with the sensor forming sometimes several large arcs at various distances from the sensor.  I've seen some span 180 degrees and always perpendicular to the "X axis."  Among the clutter moving objects can still be made out.

I am using the ROS demo as written, so radar API 1.2, no changes to the radar config (rviz_1443_3d.launch).  The sensor is indoors, most commonly when I see the .122 Meter issue it's on a table pointed at the ceiling four feet away, a moving ceiling fan a foot below that.  Attached is gif showing a top down view of a human walking infront of the sensor.  The sensor is sitting ontop of a plastic stick in the middle of a smallish office.  Any help figuring out why it is so cluttered, especially the short range ghost (shown as the unmoving point front and center in the gif), would be greatly appreciated.