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RTOS/IWR1443: Transferring more than 16 bytes of data as SPI slave

Part Number: IWR1443

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


I am trying to implement a SPI slave to read the object data out of the MMWave demo on the IWR1443BOOST to control it from an MSP430.

I am able to start the radar unit but when I try to read more than 16 bytes of data (set with the define on line 18). I get a Data Abort exception as shown.

Does the SPI driver not support sending more than 16 bytes at a time? If it does, what is missing from my configuration that is causing this to occur.

All of the memcpy and the buffer sizes are based off the SPI_DATA_OBJ_SIZE define so it should not be running out of space anywhere.

The overhead of having to task switch and call the SPI_transfer function repeatedly will not be able to give me the data rates I need to talk to multiple IWR1443s on a single SPI bus.

I have also seen an Invalid_operation exception show up once instead of the Data Abort exception.



  • Hi Kevin,

    Please see the mmWave SDK SPI driver unit-tests in the C:\ti\mmwave_sdk_01_02_00_05\packages\ti\drivers\spi\test directory for examples of SPI slave mode throughput testing using the SPI driver.

    Please mark as answered if your question is resolved or reply if more support is needed.