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Choosing the right DSP + Evaluationboard for Sensorapplication

Hello Community,

I´m looking for a DSP + Evaluationboard. I need 4 analog in- and outputs. At least for two in- and outputs i need 24 bit resolution converters.
I want to generate a sin- and cosinwave with this DSP. The DSP shoud be able to shift the Phase of the Signals.
This DSP should be able to realize a VCO with 4 different sin- and  4 cosinus outputs and 4 Voltage controll Inputs to realize a Phase Locked Loop.
I want to realize a Quadrature demodulation, the DSP should be able to do multiplications.
The DSP (general purpose) should be free programmable.
Are there Evaluationboards with 24 bit resolution converters or Evaluationboards which can be extended with those 24-bit converters?
I´m looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Viktor Heinz