IWR1642BOOST: Bugfix for 2 tx antennas at same time in traffic monitoring lab

Part Number: IWR1642BOOST

Any update on a fix to this issue on being unable to use both Tx antennas at the same time?

"The demo is not returning data because there is a bug in the software. The value numAntenna is used in the direction of arrival calculation.  This value is the number of virtual antennas, which is Tx*Rx. However, when using both Tx at the same time, the 2 Tx are effectively 1 Tx for the virtual array.  The software does not account for this, leading to a crash.  The numAntenna value is set at line 1171 in dss_data_path.c. This value is used erroneously at line 350 in radarProcess.c."



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  • Hello Scott,

    There is not a plan to update the 1642 traffic monitoring lab in the near future. The 6843 long range people counting is the same processing chain and will continue to be updated. However, it was not developed to support BPM.