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AWR1642: Python program to read and plot data from XWR1642 and XWR1443

Part Number: AWR1642


I have developed a Python program that read the data in real time from the XWR1642 and XWR1443 boards. The program has been tested both in Windows and in the Raspberry Pi. The code for the AWR1642/IWR1642 can be found in this Github repository and the code for the AWR1443/IWR1443 can be found in this other Github repository

The code is based in the Matlab program provided by Texas Instruments and it runs for default demo of those boards. The program is still in development so not all the features are implemented (only the Detected objects package data is read) but I thought it might be useful for other people that cannot use Matlab.

Also, this is my first project with Python, so I am sure there are many parts that can be improved. If you have any comments to improve it or questions, please feel free to comment.