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DRV425EVM: drv425

Part Number: DRV425EVM

Is it possible to get higher resolution readings by setting the range to 50uT

what accuracy can drv425 can supply in 50uT max. scale 

is it possible to sense 0.1 nT changes in earth magnetic field?

  • Hello Yunus,

    I believe noise will be one of the biggest issues. I think even with filtering the resolution you are looking for is not possible. For example at 100Hz you could see up to 140nT p-p. You can verify this with our EVM but the conditions below will also mater.

    Also this would mean that there is nothing surrounding the device. At this level you even need to consider changes in the supply current and anything surround the device. Also components such as capacitors and resistors could have material that has a higher permeability than that of air which would disturb the field as well.

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