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AWR1243: AWR1243

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Part Number: AWR1243


I am designed a cascaded radar with 2 AWR1243 (one is Master and other is Slave). Each AWR1243 is powered by 4 LDO and the PMIC not used.

The pins that are connected to 60-pin connector are:LVDSs (Data[0-3], CLK, Frame CLK, Valid), SPIs( CS, MISO, MOSI, CLK), Host INTR(p6), NRST_MCU and NERR_OUT(N8) and there is no other connection to outside in the cascaded AWR1243.

I want to design an Capture card like DCA1000EVM Kit.
Are the connected pins sufficient for proper radar functionality?

For digital frame synchronization, I got an output from SYNC_OUT(P11) and gave it to SYNC_IN pins( N10) on both of Master and Slave with equal length.In DCA1000EVM Kit, SYNC_IN pin of AWR1243boost is connected through DMM_MUX_CTL.Duo to synchronization done, Is it necessary to connect SYNC_IN to Capture card? or is it necessary to connect SYNC_OUT to Capture card?

Pins of MCU_CLKOUT(N9) and WARM_RESET(N12) of AWR1243boost are not connected to DCA1000EVM. Does not create disrupting in programming and functionality of cascaded AWR1243 without connecting of these pins?