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RTOS/IWR1443BOOST: SPI transfer unsuccessful when adding SPI code to iwr demo

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Part Number: IWR1443BOOST

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


I've made previous posts about SPI issues I've been having but I haven't gotten any solution to my problem. Basically I've been able to successfully build/flash/debug the IWR1443 with the demo at C:\ti\mmwave_sdk_02_01_00_04\packages\ti\demo\xwr14xx\mmw. However, when trying to add SPI functionality to the demo code, the console shows that SPI transfer is unsuccessful. My goal right now is just to be able to start a clock signal on the SPI clk pin. I've mainly just edited the main.c code, but I also added spiHandle and dmaHandle to mmw.h. Someone please help me figure out what I'm missing in my code (attached here). Thanks!0118.main.c