AWR1642: Is there any way to debug BSS if BSS is no respond and there is no error from BSS/MSS/DSS

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My customer is using external signal to trigger the sensor start. But with the long time test, seldom the BSS doesn't respond to the external trigger signal and there is no error from BSS/MSS/DSS. Customer can connect MSS/DSS well with CCS when problem happens and it seems MSS/DSS doesn't hang.

Is there any way to debug BSS in this condition? Can we check some BSS memory to know the BSS status? Any comment is appreciated!



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  • Hello Chris,
    Make sure that BSS doesn't send any kind of fault (CPU/ESM) to MSS/DSS when this issue happends.

    And for the HW trigger external pulse generator must need to follow the time constraint. Pulse should arrive only after internal frame is over and after to the boudary of next frame start.

    Assume frame periodicity is configured to 4.85mSec then in safe side provide pulse at every 5msec so that BSS can configure the next frame before the pulse arrives to it.



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  • In reply to Jitendra Gupta:


    Thanks for your reply.

    There is no error/fault from BSS to MSS/DSS when problem happens. Customer has taken care of the external trigger timing, but they can't guarantee that there is no noise from the board/system to affect the external trigger signal.

    Excluding the error/fault from BSS, is there any other way to check the BSS status?