LDC1000: Moving Target Application

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Part Number: LDC1000

Hello TI Team,

We are using LDC1000 for detecting a moving target(ex : moving metal wheel) of heavy mass. Anyhow we are having two consecutively placed inductive coils from which we are reading Rp measurements. We have set the thresholds for with target and without target from our processor. We have managed to detect targets and achieve our application. But my product seems to fail detecting the target sometimes. We have diagnosed that the Rp value changes along with temperature and various others environmental factors. Hence we have designed our application as to change my default value of threshold along with the realistic change. But after our product works for more than 24 hours in a field environment sometimes the LDC is reaching a point where the RP measurement maybe stuck above the target detecting threshold value. Under what circumstances does the Rp change alot like this? How do we control this? Under What circumstances does the Rp value get struck at a particular region? Our target is a moving wheel probably at a speed of 250 km/hr whose detection has been achieved by our R and D team. The problem is the fault which is happening prior to working of more than 24 hours in field open environmental condition. If you prefer we can send the log of Rp change along with temperature which we have measured in house climatic chamber and also in environmental field conditions. We request you to kindly suggest us the resolving method for our design. I would kindly request you to help us by sending a technical team if possible who can help out our design. 

Please Note - a) We have tried using LDC1101 which is not suitable for our application since it not able to provide us comparator interrupt output at fast moving target condition.

b) We have tried measuring inductance/ freq count from LDC1000 which does not seem to have much variation for my metal target.