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CCS/IWR6843ISK: IWR6843 3D debug mode

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Part Number: IWR6843ISK

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I have the IWR6843 board, and i want to use it with mmwave industrial toolbox 3_3_1 lab 20.

At the past i used to use debug mode at previous board of the mmwave.

I experience difficulties when trying to use lab20 at the mentioned toolbox at debug mode.

The lab20 has two sub projects.,both passed compilation.

In order to deal at debug mode,i did the following:

1.load jumper on SOP2

2.connect uniflash

3.power cycle of the board

4.start burning the C:\ti\mmwave_sdk_03_01_01_02\packages\ti\utils\ccsdebug\xwr68xx_ccsdebug.bin

5.it passed successfully->removing the jumper from the SOP2

6.CCS->compiling the projects DSS MSS->successfully

7.creating target configuration file->load the resulting file->gather files to group->connect to target

8,when connecting to target ,the CCS gets stuck.

I've attached the relevant screenshots.

Please assist.