DCA1000EVM: AWR1642 EVM on DCA1000 cannot visualize the captured raw data !

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  I use AWR1642 EVM on DCA1000 card to capture data . But I cannot display the raw data after PostProc in mmwave studio whether I follow up the DCA1000 training video, https://training.ti.com/zh-tw/dca1000-training-video?cu=1128486 or DCA1000_Quick_Start_Guide. pdf.  

  The computer is Window 7-home premium and had installed the "MCR_R2015aSP1_win32_installer.exe" for 32-bit Matlab Runtime Engine (Version 8.5.1) . Whether I installed or uninstalled  "vcredist_x64.exe" for Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package, it will have no effect.

  All process are ok before PostProc of SensorConfig on mmwave Studio 

  1. Using DCA1000 training video :

       When I press "PostProc" on "SensorConfig" , the output message is as follows.


      And the mmwave studio will show the matlab result as follows , then wait a second and quit the studio automatically.


 2. Using DCA1000_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf:

     After step 8 by selecting DataCapturedemo_xWR.lua and click "Run" button in quick start  , wait a moment and the output result is as follows  .


    and once again the mmwave studio will show the matlab result , wait a second and quit the studio automatically, same as using DCA1000 training video

   Question: Why the studio cannot display the "Visualization of the Captured Raw ADC Data" in Fig. 6 in DCA1000_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf  and it will be quit automatically?


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  • Hi,

    Did you make sure to install the correct version of Matlab RunTime engine? Please refer the mmWave Studio User guide (section 2.1) to find the download link for Matlab Runtime engine.

    And check the captured file (*.bin) from the resource explorer if that is captured properly.



  • In reply to Jitendra Gupta:

    Dear Jitendra,

      The error had followed up the mmWave Studio User guide (section 2.1) to install matlab ,32-bit Matlab Runtime Engine (Version 8.5.1), on window 7 home premium. 

      As for captured file, adc_Raw_0.bin is as follow. I think it's ok.


          But I still cannot visualize the raw data after PostProc on the mmwave studio and the studio tool will be force to quit automatically, Why?

           Do you have any suggestion ?

           Thanks for your support.

     Best Regards,