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HDC2080EVM: Where is R12?

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Part Number: HDC2080EVM


Where is R12 on the HDC2080EVM? 

We are switching addresses from 0x40 to 0x41 via a resistor as outlined in section 2.2 of this document (attached).


The I2C address of the HDC2080 is set at EVM level at 1000000xb on the EVM. The I2C address has

been set mounting the 0 Ω resistor R12 (refer to Figure 2).


Can’t see R12 anywhere in the pictures or on the actual board.

Thank you.

  • Dear Go Bravos - 

    I also cannot make any sense of that comment about R12 and the corresponding table entry. We will get it fixed. 

    Attached is the full schematic of the board. There is no R12. R4 is the one which is populated to pull it high, and it is normally not populated.