Fish finder 50 meter under water

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Hi All,
I need to be able to measure distance underwater between points with a distance of 50 meter . So I'm thinking something as simple as a sonar should work. One sends a ping the other one receives it and replies back. Is this approach feasible? Can anybody recommend sonars I can use?
any other solution.Please suggest


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  • Hello Ashok,

    I am redirecting your thread to right contact to help you with AFE5809. Thanks for your patience. 


    Applications, Current and Position Sensing


  • In reply to Arjun_Prakash:

    Hi Arjun,

    Thanks for the reply.

    We are looking for low cost solution and how about PGA460 can we use this part ?

    Device 1 we need 8 TX Channels and one RX channel this is main module which floating on water surface.(Suggest me any low cost chip for device 1 )

    Device 2  This device under the water  1 TX channel and 1 RX channel  for this can we use PGA460 ?

      both the devices communicate with  each other.

    Suggest me any low cost solution.



  • In reply to ashok b:

    Hi Ashok,

    The PGA460 is really meant for Air coupled applications and not meant for underwater or liquid coupled applications. For underwater/Liquid applications we would need a device with higher frequency and currently that is not being supported by PGA460. Your best device for sonar applications now would be the AFE5809. 



    Applications, Current and Position Sensing