CCS/AWR1843BOOST: The function quadraticInterpLog2ShortPeakLoc in the MRR demo

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Part Number: AWR1843BOOST

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  There is a function called quadraticInterpLog2ShortPeakLoc which performs a quadractic peak interpolation to compute the  fractional offset of the peak location, it is called as belows:

 interpOffset = quadraticInterpLog2ShortPeakLoc(obj->cfarDetObjIndexBuf, obj->numDopplerBins, detIdx1, (CFARTHRESHOLD_N_BIT_FRAC + obj->log2numVirtAnt));

Here, obj->cfarDetObjIndexBuf is  an doppler index array, is there any error in invking this function? Whether obj->sumAbs should supersede it? And should the detIdx1 be repalced by obj->cfarDetObjIndexBuf[detIdx1]?Is that right?




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  • Rata,

    I will have to check this with our algo experts . But have you validated by modifying the code and checking it yourself and what are your observations?


  • In reply to Raghunandan Kamath:

    Hi Raghu,

      I have not validated,I just look at the code, and it doesn't make sense, so I want to confirm my thought.