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Part Number: LDC0851

 I am working on a flow meter that has a dial with a rotating needle calibrated to measure the water flow. I wanted to use LDC0851 to generate an interrupt to count the rotations of the needle. The flow meter is battery operated which requires the sensor to be in Low power mode. But the challenge i am facing is that the water flow through the meter is varying and to work in Low power mode EN pin of the sensor need to  be duty cycled with a constant time interval between the on and off time of the sensor (as i have inferred from the datasheet) which is not possible in our case since the dial rotation is varying with varying water flow.

Please help me to find a solution.

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  • Hello,

    I can understand how duty cycle can be a challenge in your application to lower power consumption using LDC0851. If you are using Inductive sensing solution our lowest power consumption device is LDC2114 but its application target is for button press which may not be applicable to you. 

    However I was able to find a ti-design on flow meter from Texas Instruments using inductive sensing technology. Please have a look at this document. http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/tidud25a/tidud25a.pdf 


    Applications, Current and Position Sensing


  • In reply to Arjun_Prakash:

    I'll look into it. Thank you so much .