CCS/AWR1843BOOST: The selection of process noise covariance matrix Q

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  In the MRR demo, there is a process noise covariance matrix Q  for kalman filtering algorithm. In the demo, the matrix is defined as follows:

QvecList[0]=halfatsq_x * halfatsq_x;

QvecList[1]=halfatsq_y * halfatsq_y;

QvecList[2]=at_x * at_x;

QvecList[3]=at_y * at_y;

 in the above array,halfatsq_x=1/2*ax*t^2,halfatsq_y=1/2*ay*t^2,at_x=ax*t,at_y=ay*t.

According to non-homogeneous state equation knowledge,there should be also other two elements, halfatsq_x*at_x and halfatsq_y*at_y for representing the process noise covariance matrix Q. Why  are the two elements discarded?




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  • Hi,

    We are checking with algorithm developer and will get back to you early next week

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    Thanks, I am looking forward for your reply.