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IWR6843AOPEVM: SceneryParam definition for Ground and Ceiling

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Part Number: IWR6843AOPEVM


For 6843, there are additional 5'th and 6'th parameters. The 5'th is for "Ground" and the 6'th is for "Ceiling" as document description. But I don't understand how to set them exactly.

I though the Ground should be always 0, and the Ceiling should be depend on how high the EVM place on but seems not. I checked the toolbox_4_0_1, the 68xx_overhead_people_counting is configured "SceneryParam -1.18 2.12 1 2.0 -0.5 2". That said it's Ground at -0.5, Ceiling at 2. But the users_guide requires the Elevate EVM is "3m high". They are not matched with each other. I'm confused between user guide and config file. Could someone help to explain it? and guide how to exactly use it? 

  • Hi Jemmy,

    The scenery parameter arguments are as follows:

    -X X Near Y Far Y -Z +Z

    The above are in relation to the EVM:

    So if the device is mounted on the ceiling facing the ground, then near Y is the ceiling (which is 0) and far Y is the floor (distance from EVM to the floor). Then use the X and Z parameters to set the area around the device where tracking is valid.



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    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for prompt feedback.

    Your statement is reasonable. But why the lab of toolbox is not looked like that. 

    The lab's users_guide requires the Elevate EVM is "3m high". Thus, based on your description, its configuration should be set "SceneryParam -1.18 2.12 0 3.0 -0.5 2", but it's "SceneryParam -1.18 2.12 1 2.0 -0.5 2" in mmw_pplcount_demo_default.cfg. Why is it "1 2.0"?

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    Hi Jemmy,

    For overhead mount, I want to ignore any point less than a meter from the device, as these are above people's heads, and ignore points close to the floor, as these tend to be less reliable and cause tracker errors.



  • In reply to Justin Curewitz:

    Thanks for explanation.