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IWR1443: IWR1443 radar parameter simulation and signal interference

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Part Number: IWR1443

Hi team,

Customer uses IWR1443 radar to detect respiratory and heartbeat signals. Signal can be detected after receiving data for offline processing. He has below two questions need your help:

1. Is it possible to perform a simulation in MATLAB based on IWR1433 radar parameters to extract separated heartbeat signals and respiratory signals? If it is ok, may I know how to do it? If it is not possible, may I know the reason?

2. Previously, he could detect respiratory and heartbeat signals with the IWR1443 radar. Now, he am using the AWR1642 radar to interfere with the IWR1443 to detect breathing signals and heartbeat signals. He tested a lot of data, but found that the effect of extracting breathing signals and heartbeat signals was not obvious. He would like to know is this way working?



  • Hi Annie,

    1. In order to perform a simulation:
      1. You will need to capture the raw ADC data from the sensor using the DCA1000 EVM and MMWAVE-STUDIO. Please refer to the following video training to understand the process for raw data capture: https://training.ti.com/dca1000-training-video?context=1128486-1139154-1136663. To configure the sensor in the same way as the demo, you will need to use the configuration parameters as given in the .cfg file provided in the 14xx Vital signs demo at C:\ti\mmwave_industrial_toolbox_4_1_0\labs\vital_signs\68xx_vital_signs\gui\profiles\xwr1642_profile_VitalSigns_20fps_Front.cfg
      2. Once you have the raw ADC data, you can use your own Matlab algorithm to process it and extract the heartbeat and breathing rate. Note that TI does not provide a Matlab algorithm for this demo so the customer will need to write their own Matlab chain.

    2. We have not tested this demo with interference so cannot comment on the performance in this case. What is the goal behind this testing?



  • In reply to Nitin Sakhuja:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Customer uses AWR1642 to interfere with IWR1443. The goal is to see if he can recover and extract the heartbeat signal and breathing signal from it, and determine if there is interference and remove the interference.

    The phenomenon he now analyzes the measured data is:
    Without using AWR1642 to interfere with IWR1443, the data can be used to extract heartbeat and breathing frequency; He used AWR1642 to interfere with IWR1443 and found that the heartbeat and breathing amplitude were greatly reduced.

    Does this mean that AWR1642 has a certain interference effect on IWR1443?
    Can he use Matlab to do simulations like IWR1443 to extract breathing and heartbeat signals?



  • In reply to Annie Liu:

    Hi, Annie:

    Is the two radar configured to the same chirp configuration?   or totally different chirp configuration.  

    The users can still use DCA1000 for data capture with the interference on.   And post process the raw ADC data to see what is the difference with or without interference.