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AWR1843BOOST: Rev. C EVM CAN-FD can't achieve 5Mbps sometimes, Rev. B EVM is working fine

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Part Number: AWR1843BOOST

HW: AWR1843BOOST Rev. C and Rev. B
SW: SBL in mmWave SDK 3.2

We use the binary (SBL in mmWave SDK 3.2) to do firmware downloading test via CAN-FD and found a strange symptom:

  • The CAN-FD 5Mbps Tx fail sometimes (The reproduce rate is around 1/3 and it means firmware downloading fail one time when you try three times) on AWR1843BOOST Rev. C EVM
  • The CAN-FD 5Mbps Tx works fine on AWR1843BOOST Rev. B EVM

We perform more test and the found: If we lower the speed from 5Mbps to 2Mbps on Rev. C EVM, it always work.

Base on the test result we suspect AWR1843BOOST Rev. C EVM "may" have layout issue related CAN-FD.

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