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MMWCAS-RF-EVM: How cascade radar captures data in mmWave Studio?

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I have a doubt on the way the transceiver chips capture data in cascade radar. Which of the 3 ways mentioned below does the radar use to capture data?

1. Each transceiver chip sends a single chirp in a round-robin fashion. Eg Transceiver1(T1) sends the first Chirp(C1) then T2-C1, T3-C1, T4-C1. It goes on till T4(the fourth transceiver) sends out the last chirp. 

2. Each transceiver chip transmits a frame sequentially. Eg T1 sends C1, C2...C(last), then T2 sends C1...Clast and so on.

3. Each transceiver chip captures all of its frames before the next one starts capturing.

If the actual case is different than these three, please let me know. Also If you could point me to the location of the literature detailing this capture process, that would be great. 

Thank you.