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IWR1642BOOST: Working in basement and underground parking spots and immune to false triggering by movement of leaves

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There were some pilot projects carried out in Berlin by Siemens using Radar sensors. The issue that they faced was that when low density objects such as leaves or awning were swept across the parking spot by wind, a false detection of occupancy was made by the radar sensor. 

My question is that will  IWR1843BOOST EVM be immune to such disturbances in order to prevent false detection of occupancy of parking spots?

As explained in this video by TI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3R-3rzmzXU&t=51s

The sensor is placed at a height of 14 feet above the ground and the view seen by the sensor is shown below:

As can be seen from the right hand side of the image, the sensor is able to detect more than 60 parking spots. I counted it from the while lines. Is it possible for a single IWR1843 mmWave radar sensor to detect occupancy status of around 60 parking spots when placed at a height of 14 feet above the ground? 

Can the IWR1843BOOST EVM be also used for indoor parking spot occupancy detection as shown below in addition to outdoor parking spot detection? The IWR1843BOOST EVM will be mounted on the roof ceiling facing downwards and the height of the roof is around 8 feet. There will also be pillars as shown in the below picture:

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