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Found an error in TI document TIDU026.pdf; not sure how to report it.

I found an error in TIDU-December 2013-Revised December 2013, but I'm not sure how to report it.  

So I'll just write it up here and hope it helps someone. 

Tim Green's write-up is excellent, and this correction might be considered nit-picking. 

In the section 5, modifications, the text says "For this single supply application, using OPA2376 dual op amp..."

I believe Tim's intention was to use one IC with two sections: U1a and U1b.

But the schematic indicates two separate IC's, U1 and U2, and the pin numbers wrong for the OPA2376

The pin numbers correspond to the OPA192, which was used earlier in the document. 

My guess is the recommendation to use the OPA2376 for single-rail applications was an afterthought, and that the schematic was only partially updated. 

  • Arnold

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will notify the document team.

  • In reply to Dennis Goeke:

    You are 100% right on pin numbers for dual OPA2376. It should have been labeled U1A and U1B on OPA2376. We do not currently have correct pin numbers mapped on a dual or quad op amp for the part symbols used in TINA-TI SPICE simulator. It may seem simple but has never been addressed due to other priorities. However, on a positive note I can tell you that we have dedicated years to making our SPICE op amp macromodels match the data sheet which implies they match real silicon which implies that TINA-TI simulations will correlate very close to your first PCB.
    Let me know if we can help on other op amp things.
    Tim Green, MGTS
    Senior Analog Applications Engineer
  • In reply to Tim Green1:

    Thanks, Tim.  That explains it.

    While I've got you, my application is uses a single-ended +12VDC supply, so the OPA2376 probably isn't a solution. 

    Would you recommend the OPA192, or some other part? 

    (It would be great to have a quad device so that I could use one op-amp to buffer Vref.)

    Btw, it's an honor to get a direct reply from the Great and Powerful Wizard of Zo!