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e2e.ti.com site performance

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Hey folks. The e2e site is an awesome resource and I appreciate that TI maintains an active community forum. That being said, the site performance has degraded significantly over the past few days and is now almost unusable. In addition to long server response times, comments are failing to submit successfully. I'm actually not even sure that this post will submit. Are there any plans to address site performance issues?

  • Thanks for your input, EMike.  We are aware of these conditions and diligently working to correct these delays. 



  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    That's all I can ask for, thanks!

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    Hi Embedded Mike,

    Thanks for your feedback - if you have a chance, can you check the site performance and reply with any feedback below?  

    We've made a few changes over the weekend and are hoping the site is faster.


    Jim Carrillo

    Manager, Online Support

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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the followup, I'm happy to report that site performance has improved significantly! I appreciate TI's responsiveness on this problem.


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    Thanks for your patience and feedback EM, much appreciated!