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Is there some way that I can find posts by a particular contributor.



  • Hi Colin, 

      YES!  Simply search by the full name or user name.  You can use "quotes" for the name search, or by last name only.  Once returned results, you can also use the filters at the left side of the page to further refine. 

    Let us know if you need further refinement or assistance, otherwise, please click the "resolved" green button.


  • Hi Colin,

    The best way to search for posts by individual user on E2E is to use a field search and search on userdisplayname by entering the following into the search box:

    userdisplayname:"user name"

    For example, to see all my posts, enter userdisplayname:"john walker" into the search box as shown below.

    See this post for more search tips: https://e2e.ti.com/support/site-support/f/1024/t/677437

    Hope this helps!


    John Walker
    Online Support - Systems & Tools
    Texas Instruments, Inc.


  • In reply to John Walker:

    Thanks John, Leonard.

    That worked - I would never have found it out on my own !


    Colin :-)