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AM3358: reason to "lock" all threads

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Dear TI and all,

this question to try to understand the reason why many threads, also mark [ resolved ] and near to a solution are without solution and  "locked". Not understanding the reason of this. Is the solution only visible with certian permissions ? Or may be just a case ?

Also, i would have liked to reply and add some solutions. Even if late, it could still be useful to who is looking for the solution.



  • Hi Angelo,

    Our current algorithm "locks" (prevents additional replies) anytime a thread goes 30 days without any activity.  We implemented this to improve our support of threads.  Before this locking was added, many times questions were added to existing threads that were not pertinent to the original question.  For a variety of reasons (some human and some system related), we are better at supporting questions contained in separate threads as opposed to many questions contained within the same thread over an extended period of time.

    We understand that you may have additional comments/questions regarding a locked thread.  In this situation, we would recommend you click the "Ask a related question" button to create a new thread.  When you do this, the original thread will be referenced at the beginning of your new thread.

    With regard to threads being marked as Resolved, I assume you are referring to the situation where an earlier post was marked as an answer (which changed the status to Resolved), but there is a follow-on question that has not yet been addressed.  We understand this is not ideal, but we want to make sure we are transparent with posters when we believe all questions to that point have been resolved.  Whenever TI indicates a thread is considered resolved, the original poster is prompted by email to accept or reject the answer.

    Thanks again for your feedback, I think the "Ask a related question" button will help you,

    Jim Carrillo

    Manager, Online Support

    Texas Instruments

  • In reply to Jim Carrillo:

    Hi Jim,

    thanks for the explaination.

    I only suggest eventually a button as "provide a solution" that may be useful for all the thread locked without any solution. Just think about that.



  • In reply to Angelo:

    Thanks Angelo - we will consider adding that to our roadmap - have a good day, Jim