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Pin list for parts for easier integration into CAD tools

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I'm generally missing downloadable design files to simplify the design-IN process in our case: Altium Designer.

I have to manually generate each pin from the datasheets, setting the pin name and the pin type.

Is there any secret location on the website where one can download a text file, (.csv would be best) with a table structure containing the pin number, pin name, and the other details separated by a character or space that can be easily detected in excel.
Then I could easily integrate this generated table with a special import function into Altium and have all pins ready.

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  • Hello Johannes,

    For each device, there is a Product Page.  At the top of each page are tabs, clicking the Quality & packaging tab will bring you to a new page that has CAD/CAE symbols section.  In that section are CAD/CAE symbols available for download. 

    For example, here is the page for the TPS5340: www.ti.com/product/TPS5430/pinout-quality  

    You will also notice in this same section, a note for access to all available CAD files:

          You can always access the complete CAD/CAE Symbols database at //webench.ti.com/cad/

     Simply click on the link provided and you will have access to all available CAD files organized by part number.




  • Hi again Johannes,

     I forgot to mention, here is an E2E post on how to import the bxl file into Altium: https://e2e.ti.com/support/tools/sim-hw-system-design/f/234/t/718257 .