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EOL of parts

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We are planning production until 2021 and we would appreciate if you could tell us if the following items

are expected to be EOL .

If yes, till when this part will be available for purchase ?

1. CD74ACT14M/CD74ACT14M96

2. UCC27424D

3. AC14M


5. CD74HC132

Thanks , Silvi

  • Hello Silvi,

    TI's General Quality Guidelines describes our official policy on obsoleting a device.

    This policy is summarized below, from page 7 of the pdf.


    • TI's Product withdrawal/discontinuance process complies with J-STD-048, latest issue.
    • TI makes an effort to not obsolete products out of convenience.
    • TI’s obsolescence withdrawal schedule provides a longer lead time than the industry standard.
    • TI allows 12 months for the last order and an additional 6 months to take final delivery of obsolete items.
    • In rare circumstances, an accelerated withdrawal schedule may be necessary. In such cases, TI will communicate the last buy and final delivery dates in the EOL notice, along with an explanation of the circumstances necessitating the early withdrawal.

    Best Regards,

    Ed Walker
    Texas Instruments 
    Online Support - Systems & Tools