CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL: forum is dang slow

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I used to work with 1 text editor, 1 compiler, 1 language and 1 ICE and that was my entire programming world, nothing more needed.  Learning was done by books and talking to colleges.  Skip 30 some years and now we need a fully build out IDE, one main programming language but use or knowledge of several more, multiple compiler set up perhaps AND the internet for learning. 

For the TI tool set that means forums - they are an integral part of learning and problem solving. I think I am typical in that I have much learning and problem solving to do.

But the forums are freakishly slow for me. No matter what I load them from, iMac, MacBook Pro, safari, chrome, Windows 10, edge. It is all slow slooow, sloooooow!  Doesn't matter if I am at the coffee shop, work or at home either. Pages usually load only partially at first and take 5-15 seconds to fill out, often times longer. Sometimes they don't load at all. Sometimes the site gives me a authorization error.  A former college of mine (now at another company) said he experienced this also.

Sooh, is this common?  Or is it just my little city that is slow?  Just for giggles I inspected a few of the forum pages and its HTML is needlessly complex (IMHO).  So I have to conclude that things are slow for many of you. Is TI treating the forum just as a cherry on the cake, a bonus, a bone or is it regarded as an integral part of development?  I hope it is taken seriously.

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    Yes, I have similar experience with my home connection but at my work connection I haven't any issue.

    If I am not wrong, administrators of e2e forum are aware of this issue and working on it. If I remember properly, it have something to do with some kind of plug-in at web for viewing at mobile devices.

    But correct me, if I am wrong.


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    I have a 1G business connection at home (I have my own business and often work from home) and this forum is still slow. It is good to hear "TI is working on it" but as far as I know, it has been slow many moons now. I appreciate that problems are always easy for the one who is not solving it/sitting on the side but I sure wish TI is cracking on fixing it!

    Do you know if there is an ETA on fixing this?

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    No. Please wait for answer from TI.


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    Thanks for raising this issue, we're looking into it - 

    Couple questions:

    1. Are you seeing 5-15 seconds to display a thread consistently?

    2. How long have you been experiencing this issue?  Was it better in the past?  If so, when - a week ago, a month ago, many months ago?



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    1: yes consistently, though closer to 15 seconds than 5. The longer the thread, the longer the load time (it seems).  But it is not only loading threads, starting a search is at least 10 seconds before anything happens after a return. Bringing up the advanced search is 10 seconds also. I'd rather search on google than on the TI site although most of what google finds is back on the TI site so a slow load again.

    2. I got onto this forum since May last year and have seen this since then. In may I did a quick study to determine if the CC3220sf chip was what we need so just did a few occasional searches. Now that we're going full bore with it, these response times are a serious bottleneck. At times, I just need to walk away from the MacBook because Id be ready to put my fist through the monitor (and I am not a violent person :-).

    At times, safari gets so hung up on rendering the page, I just need to shut the page or entire app down.

    Btw, just for fun, type in "fopen()" in the search box; you'll get an access denied.  Something is seriously wrong with your search engine.

    "looking into it" means exactly what?   Is this high priority to TI?   Do you have an ideal response time you are working towards?  Do you make regular updates to the site with performance in mind?  May we know what you are doing about this?  Are there things we (users) can do to mitigate this?


    EDIT 1/24/2020: I have one method that makes using the forums a bit more bearable; DevonAgent is a macOS application which provides a way to search any site with multiple search engines in parallel. Search criteria include an array of boolean operators as well. Results can be viewed within the DevonAgent (DA) tool. With DA, the search on TI forums is quicker, much better focused (due to boolean operators) and does not take eons to visualize (possibly due to the DA viewer not rendering all the fancy javascript).

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    Thank you for your time on the phone - and I received your follow-on email (glad it is working better for you with Chrome on a Win7 machine).

    As I mentioned, I will email you within a week or two.

    In the meantime, don't hesitate to email me or Kathleen if you need anything else.