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I was trying to place an order for LMZ14201H and LMZ14202H DC-DC Regulators.

They are supplied in 250 or 500 pcs reels.

I attempted to purchase a 250 pcs reel of the 201H and 500 pcs reel of the 202H

The first showed "Full Reel" while the other "Cut Tape"

I asked through the online chat the representative and got a weird answer.

According to this, TI will not guarantee full reels, chances are small pieces of leftovers tapes are shipped instead.

This applies even if "Full Reel" is clearly mentioned, according to the representative.

The other things that caused me to cancel a $6000 order are, among other reasons:

A statement in the shipping FAQ according to which multiple parts will be shipped from different warehouses in separate shipments.

Another thing, no clear statement about the shipping method or a clear currier name, also not the shipping time.

Sending separate packages means separate charges from the shipping companies, customs release fee and other fees (not taxes) are approx. $100 per package.

TI recently announced a revision of the international distributorship array, reducing the purchasing possibilities, while encouraging customers to use the TI direct online store.

As I can not risk and receive pieces of tapes, in my case I am left with Arrow, Mouser and DigiKey - all with prices higher by 20-25% compared to the TI store.

I think that something must be done to improve the online store, unless TI doesn't care to lose customers.

At the prices asked by your distributors I will go for compatible parts offered by Wurth 

As I purchase these parts at an annual volume of $150,000 I expect to receive a solution.